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Design is all around us, but how designers think through their work is often a mystery. Understanding that process can fuel our own curiosity and creativity. Adam Fromme hosts the Thinking through Design podcast as a series of in-depth discussions to reveal the designer's mindset and realize its value.

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Sarah Bonnett is a fourth-year Interior Design student. Sarah started her internship at The Ohio State University Department of Facility Planning and Design in January 2023 and she is currently in…

The Department of Design is offering two courses this summer. Both directly tackle the field of Design Thinking (as part of the department’s Design Thinking Minor). The aim of these courses is to…

By Adam Fromme

Episode 6 of Thinking through Design is now available. The Thinking through Design podcast features host Adam Fromme as he explores what it means to have a designer’s mindset.

In this…

By Emily Valentine

Third-year interior design students recently had the enriching opportunity to delve into healthcare design, thanks to a combination of guest lectures and a site visit that supplement their studio…

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