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Designing Extended Reality Systems to Foster Social Interactions in Culturally Diverse Environments

This project explores paths toward creating virtual environments supportive of social interactions between diverse cultures. Such environments may be designed to foster intercultural learning, create transactional spaces to experiment with collaboration and/or shared activities involving different cultural backgrounds, or simulate behaviors in multi-cultural
contexts. Investigative trails of this project explore:

• Innovative design approaches to enhancing user experience in social extended reality

• Design of culturally meaningful content and activities to facilitate and strengthen social
interactions in virtual environments.

• Design of culturally meaningful activities and to develop and expand understanding of
intercultural interactions.

• Inclusive design strategies to address cultural, social, and physical accessibility barriers
in virtual environments.

• Technological and economic barriers to access to extended reality technology.


Cultural diversity; Systemic design; Virtual reality; Augmented reality

Advising Team

Shadrick Addy
Fabienne Münch

As this is a new project proposal, the reference videos below serve as inspiration for potential research trails that students can explore.  

Viva Havana! - By JustUs.mp4

Articles https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877042812020460