Faculty and Recent Graduates Present at the 2019 Community Engagement Conference

January 28, 2019
2019 Community Engagement Conference
The Department of Design was well represented at the recent Community Engagement Conference, held at the Ohio Union January 23–24, 2019 on Ohio State's campus. This year's theme, Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future, aligned with research and work being done by several members of our design family.
Adam Fromme (MFA '18, BSD '06) and Emily Valentine (MFA '18) presented "Urban Housing Built for All, The Lasting Impact of Age-friendly Design Principles"
Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders, Ph.D. (Associate Professor), Sapna Singh (MFA '16) and Erika Braun (MFA '16, BSD '08) held a hands-on workshop "Mapping Opportunities for Collective Engagement"
And Sapna Singh (MFA '17) and  Erika Braun (MFA '16, BSD '08) along with Amy Hess presented "Building a Sustainable Partnership in Care for Autism"
Additional presentation information can be found at https://cec.osu.edu
Community Engagement Conference Participants