Thinking through Design Episode 5 with guest Rebekah Matheny

February 5, 2024

Thinking through Design Episode 5 with guest Rebekah Matheny

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Episode 5 of Thinking through Design is now available. The Thinking through Design podcast features host Adam Fromme as he explores what it means to have a designer’s mindset. This episode is part of the initial series release. 

In this episode Adam sits down in person with Rebekah Matheny.

Rebekah is an Associate Professor in the Department of Design at Ohio State University. With a Masters in Sustainable Design and a background in Interior Design and Architecture, she focuses on sensory retail experiences that fuse sustainability and brand strategies. Her research, TEDx talk and industry collaborations highlight her commitment to merging design innovation with sustainability in education and practice.

Their conversation navigates the fundamental strategies behind teaching design, focusing on the tools in the symbiotic relationship between words and design strategy. In design education, this follows a gradual immersion serving as a springboard for students to employ these tools according to personal preferences or workplace demands.

The podcast is available through OSU Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

Follow the link to this episode:

About the podcast 

It’s obvious that design is all around us, but how designers think through their work is often a mystery. Yet, understanding that process can fuel our own curiosity and creativity. Adam Fromme hosts Thinking through Design as a series of in-depth discussions to reveal the designer’s mindset and realize its value. 

Thinking through Design is brought to you by the Department of Design at The Ohio State University. For general inquires, contact Adam Fromme,

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